On average, 30% of webinar participants become potential customers.


Webinars and online broadcasts

Webinars are becoming more popular. They allow the companies that are presenting them to build credibility with their audiences and potential customers, resulting in more conversions.

Whether via a dedicated platform or via Facebook, our team will support you during the shooting of your next live capsule.

Elements to consider

  • 1

    The broadcasting platform

    The choice of the delivery platform is crucial, as each platform offers both benefits and limitations.

  • 2

    A well thought out format

    Everything is in the details; from the duration of each webinar, through the structure of the subjects, to the choice of the number of cameras. The ideal format is aimed at the right audience in a form and level of quality that meets their expectations.

  • 3

    Facebook Live

    Facebook offers a real-time capture service that allows you to reach your online community through notifications and also allows interaction with your community through a system to ask questions live.

  • 4

    Live editing

    Regardless of the platform, we can assist you with multiple cameras and create a live montage by adding visual effects for a professional effect.

  • 5

    Promotion of the webinar

    A webinar for the general public needs to be properly promoted. Make sure you have a delivery strategy that will bring you the desired performance.

Between January and May 2016, Facebook saw a 300% increase in viewing of its live videos (Facebook Live).

Source : Wall Street Journal

Cas concret

Aéro Montréal wanted to produce informative content for students who want to know more about the aerospace industry and the companies that make it up (including CAE, a world leader in the field). Avenue 8 produced a series of monthly vignettes that featured eight aerospace and aerospace companies. They shared their passion for the industry. The capsules included live video editing as well as a Q & A session. They were broadcast at the same time, every first Friday of the month.

Results of the campaign

  • 8 live video during 2017
  • 16 000 views
  • 80 public questions answered in real time
Cas concret

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