Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

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Social media content

Content creation on social media defines your brand and supports your positioning. A social media content strategy needs to be realistic and take into account your organizational ability to generate new images over a given period.

It is possible to build a promotional or advertising campaign at a decent price on the various social platforms. However, your results will be in direct correlation with your strategy and your ability to create innovative content.

Content that will help you stand out

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    Video, the king of social media content

    The creation of videos allows you to attract attention. But why stop at a specific moment? Reminding you that over 80% of users use a smart phone to visit social platforms, create vertical or square-format videos and take up a larger portion of their screen.

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    Online commerce with Facebook

    GIFs, panoramic photos and cinemagraphs draw attention, especially by mixing their effect with Facebook’s various online commerce formats. The carousels, the collections and the canvas format make it possible to be creative, as much by your conversion strategy as by the technical possibilities.

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    Do you know that Instagram allows you to share your images and even illustrations? A content strategy that uses the full potential of the platform will push you to use the video format for up to 60 seconds. You can also develop your creativity through image carousels and stories.

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    360° video

    Facebook and YouTube have both gone virtual reality. It’s easier and more accessible to create immersive 360 ° video content than ever before. Avenue 8 can help you create an effect that your audience will remember.

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    Creating relevant articles on LinkedIn can be very rewarding if you want to do B2B business. This professional networking platform is very popular now and takes advantage of all the changes made to Facebook to position itself as the number one business platform.

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    Copy writing that stands out

    Writing is still the secret of creating social media content. To engage your community, you will need to create short and catchy texts, whose key message is highlighted.

A third of the activity of Internet users is devoted to watching videos online.

Source : Wordstream

Cas concret

As part of the Quebec Week Without Tobacco 2018, the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health wanted to make people aware of the negative impacts of tobacco with the slogan “Tobacco leaves marks”. Avenue 8 has implemented a strategy, covering both design and writing, which has maximized message consistency across all channels. In this way, we also favored the retention of the message.

Since 18-35 year olds were the main target of the campaign, we opted for interactive and compelling formats, such as panoramic images, GIFs and short 15-second videos.

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